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Our Story - How It All Started

In 1999, after 23 years of declining health and excessive stress while further plagued by the Standard American Diet (SAD), Garret Williams began to educate himself about achieving better health. Together with his wife Melissa, they began to critically evaluate what they were putting into their bodies and the decisions they were making daily that were affecting their overall well-being. No longer would “health” insurance dictate boundaries nor would double-coupons, proximity, and convenience be the primary factors in acquiring food. Together with a wholehearted commitment to attaining true health before beginning a family, they began with a shift in mindset and commitment to make changes in their daily routines, their eating habits and their philosophy about health. After the birth of their second child, in 2009, they had several emotionally painful life-changing experiences that would further alter the course of their lives. Their new baby received several “routine” medical interventions during and after delivery, and they were told that these were “common, safe, preventative, proactive” procedures to ensure their child’s well-being and that everything was “fully covered, due to our excellent insurance.” 

Beginning at six months of age and continuing into two years of age, their child suffered from what they thought were unexplainable symptoms. Born perfectly healthy and symptom-free their child was developing miserably itchy skin with horrible eczema covering the entire body. Waking and crying literally every hour throughout the night while intensely scratching, Garret didn’t sleep longer than 45 minutes straight for nearly two years. The bank accounts were draining as they bounced around to various doctors and health experts for examinations, and the family all underwent extreme emotional, mental, and physical stress. An impeccably clean diet of ultra-premium superfoods, lovingly hand-prepared by Melissa, didn't resolve it. The list of tolerable foods continued to diminish, as did their hope of ever discovering what was causing the terrible condition. Everything caused itching including foods, dusts, and animals. Nothing eliminated from the diet even remotely provided relief. It was as though sensitivity to nearly all foods was just on the horizon. Nearly everything in the home environment was scrutinized and removed as a possible stressor. Garret and Melissa made appointments with numerous practitioners who ran tests, conducted evaluations and treatments, prescribed therapies, special diet restrictions and administered premium supplement and probiotic regimes. Yet no one really knew what was causing the problems nor did any of the treatments offer any relief to the unbearable condition. The suffering continued mercilessly with no answers to their continual prayer and question, “what is causing this?” 

 In May of 2012, they were asked several questions and provided a referral by their trusted pediatric chiropractor. Armed with little hope left, they skeptically hauled off to yet one more practitioner. Within the first ten minutes of the appointment, both Garret and Melissa were in tears, as they finally learned what was causing the problems: the worst case of yeast, bacteria, and parasites ever observed by the analyst. So begins the storyboard which can be the most powerful element during discovery.  Much later through continued research they learned the likely causal factor: the long-term effects on the digestive system of acute, powerful, broad-spectrum “precautionary” antibiotic administration on the first day of life. While exclusively nursed for the first year of life to sustain her, the solid foods began to be introduced and the digestive system simply could not cope. Within only days of beginning the new recommendations, Garret and Melissa were shocked at the spectrum of emotional, mental and physcial changes. Itching less and sleeping three-hour stretches, the overall peacefulness was unbelievable. Three months into discovering the cause, in conjunction with simple, safe natural and nutritional therapies, the inflection point was obvious and the path to a healthy childhood confirmed. One year later after the body could heal all the deep tissues and layers of skin, there was no eczema...sleeping through the night...and growing well. 

With such astonishing and life-changing results, Garret’s priorities had an inflection point and he decide to make a career change and help others who were struggling with “no answers” to their health issues. He wanted to start a practice where people could come no matter where they were on their journey to better health, whether it was square one or when nothing else worked. He entered the NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association) program in the fall of 2012 to obtain his certificate so he could begin to help others achieve what limits so many...total health. The number one principle he understands through his own experiences is that no matter how much quality, nutrient-dense food you are eating, no matter how many supplements you are taking, no matter how many “health treatments” you are submitting yourself to, until you remove the stressors to your system and the root causes of nutrient deficiencies in your life, your body cannot heal. The layers of stress (not symptoms) must be identified and “unwound” in the right order, or what you do will have little or no lasting effects. The human body is designed to heal and repair and can do so only when: Stressors and trauma are identified and removed. Adequate nutrients are available and in living, whole forms. All foundational functions are operating synergistically: hydration, digestion, blood sugar handling, detoxification, and endocrine/hormones. What are your stressors? For Garret's family, it was destructive side effects of antibiotics during a tender formative time that affected the digestive health and enabled yeasts, bacteria and parasites to take over. For someone else, it may be a trauma (car accident, emotional experience) that has never enabled you to be completely well. Garret asks his clients one specific question that usually sets the compass for storyboard and to identifying root cause stressors, “I was never the same after…”. Ask yourself that question and see what answers result. Maybe the answer isn’t clear to you now however working with Heritage Wellness and storyboarding your life will identify many factors that affect your health today. Heritage Wellness systems are designed to assist you in maintaining focus on simple practices you can implement each day and to lead, guide, and coach you to optimal health. With Heritage Wellness, we can help you Make a Beautiful Life™.
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