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Medication Depletion: The Untold Truth

by Garret D. Williams

Would you sign up with a bank that makes you pay interest on money you haven’t even borrowed? Neither would I. That is what conventional medicine does when you are written a prescription. Are you currently taking prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications? Are you taking one for inflammation, birth control, thyroid, high blood pressure, or […]

You Eat, You Bloat, and You’re Miserable or Perhaps Asleep.

by Garret D. Williams

Ahhh! The aroma of the home cook foods turns on your digestive system and your mouth starts to salivate as you again take a big deep breath through your nose to smell the foods. Next, your tummy starts to rumble and warm up. If everyday could be this perfect; however, we’re generally so busy and […]

New Beginnings – Welcome to Heritage Wellness

by Garret D. Williams

This is the start of something beautiful…Making a beautiful life!  We are thrilled that you have begun this journey to better health and a more vibrant existence. I love this time of year!  What punctuates autumn for you? The nip in the air and shorter days are always obvious?  The more sly changes ….the new […]