Frequently Asked Questions

[symple_accordion_section title=”How long until I start getting well, healing, feeling better?”]
Every person is an individual, so results can vary. Generally however, individuals working with Heritage Wellness see an immediate improvement within 3-7 days as indicated by reduced frequency, intensity, and duration of daily burdensome symptoms, dysfunction, and pain.
[symple_accordion_section title=”Do you accept insurance as payment for services?”]
Heritage Wellness does not accept insurance.  Many clients have come to realize that the reason they are not well is due to the fact that they have limited their treatments to only what insurance will cover.  This might be a paradigm shift for you and we can help you to estimate your annual health care costs using a more natural approach.  You will also find stark contrasts between what you have experienced in a conventional doctors’ office and what you experience with Heritage Wellness.  It is not uncommon for Garret to spend two hours or more talking to you about your life—not the usual three minutes you may have accepted as the standard.  Realize that it has taken your lifetime thus far to get where you are, nor will your issues be resolved with a three-minute discussion and a single slip of paper in the hand.
[symple_accordion_section title=”Do you accept credit cards from a flexible or health spending account (FSA/HSA) as payment for your services?”]
Heritage Wellness will accept FSA/HSA cards, however, if your card and plan are one that do not allow alternative therapies, it may not be accepted by our card terminal system.  Payment will then need to be made by credit card or cash and are due upon services rendered.  Heritage Wellness will provide you an itemized invoice (consultation, nutritional supplements, laboratory services) that you may then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The actual reimbursement your insurance company selects to fulfill is at its discretion.
[symple_accordion_section title=”What is the cost for your services?”]
Consultation recommendations and coaching services are customized according to specific needs.  We will be able to best determine what you can plan to budget for your consultation and coaching services based on conversation with you and review of your intake forms.
[symple_accordion_section title=”Do you provide easy payment plans?”]
Yes!  We want true health to be accessible to everyone.  If requested in advance, we will collaborate with you to develop a payment plan
[symple_accordion_section title=”Are your services guaranteed?”]
We do not guarantee that you will have perfect health, however, we have successfully helped many people find the root causes of their issues and achieve optimal health according to their unique body constitution.  Heritage Wellness is quick to refer to a practitioner in our network if indicated, which generally reduces a stressor, and we continue our services.  Call us and we can explain.
[symple_accordion_section title=”My family lineage has poor health—My grandmother was not well, my dad was not well, and my aunt has the same issues…Am I also destined to follow in their footsteps?”]
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The name “Heritage Wellness” was specifically selected for our practice because of our emphasis on the finest health for the entire family. When clients works with us, they gain insight into familial health issues that have continued to transcend generations, unless action is taken to make specific changes.  Each successive generation is increasingly unwell in a similar fashion, though much earlier in life, due to escalating stressors, the declining quality of our food supply, “food” product deception, and fad diets.  Our emphasis on prenatal health is also pivotal in helping parents develop children of robust strength and excellent health, free from the “3C Conditions” (Contemporary Chronic Childhood Conditions) including allergies, asthma, spectrum, learning, mood and behavioral disorders and more.  It is our goal to assist clients in changing their familial lineage from one of disease and illness to one of health, wholeness and vibrancy!  One of the greatest legacies that one can leave is a knowledge of his/her foundational health so that subsequent generations can learn.

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