Ahhh! The aroma of the home cook foods turns on your digestive system and your mouth starts to salivate as you again take a big deep breath through your nose to smell the foods. Next, your tummy starts to rumble and warm up. If everyday could be this perfect; however, we’re generally so busy and on the run that we don’t give our systems the chance to turn on.

How did this weeks meals settle? Where are the Tums or perhaps you didn’t remember because you fell asleep.  These two symptoms are common with weak digestion and food sensitivities.  neither of these describe you however… the next morning you were making some excessive noises down south known as the “colonics harmonics.”

Do you experience similar digestive or fatigue symptoms frequently or everyday? These weaknesses in your foundations of digestion and blood sugar handling can be resolved through the Heritage Wellness nutritional therapy process.

Health symptoms are your body’s gift to you; your body is trying to communicate something and we’ll translate it for you if you don’t know how.