This is the start of something beautiful…Making a beautiful life!  We are thrilled that you have begun this journey to better health and a more vibrant existence.

I love this time of year!  What punctuates autumn for you? The nip in the air and shorter days are always obvious?  The more sly changes ….the new vendors at the farmer’s markets as the crops turn over or perhaps the store advertisements that come through the mail all colorful and adorned with withered corn stalks and shades of yellow and orange.

Well this last month and still underway, I have received numerous calls from individuals and families complaining of “stomach flu.”  The summer fun is over and it is back to work and school with earlier mornings, hurried mornings and days, and well let’s just say…stress!

Let me remind you that stressors such as family members having to travel out of town, new experiences at school, altered eating patterns, diets, long days, and just being too busy to drink enough water can really burden your body.  When you are worn emotionally, physically, and nutritionally depleted…your body has no choice but to let you know you are doing too much and force a “reset.”  Aka illness.

Remember.  Start your day off right with a big glass of water upon waking and “break” that fast with a hearty breakfast that will nourish and fuel your body.  Focus on good quality proteins and high quality fats to support stable blood sugar and stoke your furnace with fuel!

Make your best attempt to awake each day with your life purpose in focus and your health your top priority.  Make a Beautiful Life…Each Day!