What we believe to be the undeniable truth:

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1. The human body is an ancient, intelligently created design.
[/symple_box] Despite innovation and rapid changes in technology, we humans are still “Human Body Version 1.0”. We were specifically designed to thrive on the whole, pure fuel and nutrients that are provided through slow, old-world farming, ranching, fishing and hunting practices that produce and capture the most nutrient dense foods. We were also created to thrive on properly prepared foods not the quick, modern, convenient shelf-stable foods. When fueled by foods of commerce that are processed, refined, poisoned, and generally nutrient-depleting, our bodies are not adept at sustaining a functional life, and begin speaking to us through symptoms and maladies. Restoring the body’s function and ensuring optimal nutrition and proper food preparation are key.

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2. Your body is speaking to you![/symple_box] Generally speaking, people do not experience physical problems because they were formed incorrectly. Many people just live with problems they think they have to endure or mask them with inadequate treatments. Rather than questioning the root causes, they opt for whatever insurance will pay for and use pharmaceuticals to treat their symptoms. This approach disregards the root causes and nothing is resolved! Listen to your body! The health symptoms, burdens, pain, dysfunction, and disease you are experiencing are sequential messages from your body, designed to get your attention. Your matrix of body messages is unique to you, and we will decipher them through our systematic and thorough approach to determine the root cause(s) of your health issues.  Health insurance doesn’t promote health assurance.

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3. A Different Approach: Our Health Coaching Assurance™ Plan[/symple_box] Eliminating foundational weakness and restoring foundational function plus regularly consuming properly prepared, nutrient dense foods promote inherent healing mechanisms in the body and optimal health. All cells, tissues, organs, and systems are built and fueled by the nutrients we eat, digest, absorb, assimilate and metabolize, and kept healthy through proper elimination of wastes. Instead of the conventional reactive medical approach, our proactive Health Coaching Assurance™, focuses on caring for the whole person, not just singular symptoms and disease.

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4. A New Vision That Changes Generations[/symple_box] Health Coaching Assurance™ refocuses the mindset, ignites motivation, and clarifies purpose. Investing in your health, your greatest asset, will provide you the best quality of life to impact those around you today, tomorrow, even into future generations. Your improved health will have a direct impact in your life and also through your life as you share your journey with others. It’s never too early or late to start. [/symple_column][symple_column size=”one-third” position=”last”]

Achieve your Life goals by maintaining optimal health

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“This work is tremendously helpful, and I think many people need the recalibration that Garret offers.”— D.B. Escondido, CA