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Additionally, we offer exciting affordable group seminars and provide you resources to get started right away!
Common venues include: homes, churches, businesses, and community centers.


Garret’s help has been more thorough and effective than my naturopath or any medical doctor I’ve ever seen.— A.K. Oceanside, CA

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Complimentary Inquiry

HW wants to congratulate you for taking steps to improve your mindset, health, and function by offering you the opportunity to ask specific questions and allow us to guide you according to your current motivations and goals. We want you to view this complimentary time as a license to explore and discover how your life and the lives of those around you will change with improved health.

Request our FREE online functional assessment questionnaire and discover your foundational weaknesses, send us your recent blood work and labs, or call us before heading into your doctor for blood work.  We’ll guide you on how to talk to your doctor and get a more thorough blood panel that helps to answer clinical and foundation questions.  Bring the results to your initial consultation.

Please call or send an inquiry email and we will make it a priority to connect with you.

Redeem Your License to Inquire!

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Initial 1.5 Hour Consultation and Foundations $245.  All New Cases Start Here.

Your initial consultation requires approximately 90 minutes per person. During this time you will receive a comprehensive evaluation where we will review and discuss with you the following:

  • Storyboard Your Life to Identify 7 Priority Stressors
  • Constitutional and Family Health Profile
  • Meal Journals
  • Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (Nutri-Q)
  • Kinetic/Reflex Assessment
  • Convenient Online / Teleconference ( or Concierge Home Visits Available)*
  • Evaluation of Recent Blood Chemistry / Lab Work

*additional fee applies $65 within 15 miles of 92084

We will sit down with you, or via teleconference, discuss your goals, establish your baseline (starting point), identify High Priority Foundations, and provide a personalized guide to getting started including nutritional and supplementation recommendations.  Your guide will include integration with existing or suggested practitioners (dentist, periodontist, chiropractor, midwife, homeopath) and we’ll effectively leverage your existing capabilities, resources, and health care plan, if appropriate. With this new knowledge, restoring balance and function in your high priority foundations is now imminent!

We will deliver to you a consultation summary that you can reference throughout each day as a reminder of: your goals, High Priority Foundations, and nutritional supplement schedule. HW commits to guiding and coaching you. Your consultation summary and recommendations will also include a contact date for a follow-up report of findings from your initial implementation period and to identify the best ongoing coaching services for you.

Schedule Me! Let’s Get Started.

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Monthly Personalized Health Coaching (Individual, Couple, and Family) $ Varies

These 30, 60 or 120 minute (or longer for large families) consultation and coaching sessions ensure that you stay on track with your health goals through regular contact as well as integration of multiple therapies (chiropractor, midwifery, osteopath).  Excellent for proactive health management, pre-conception and gestation, athletes, menopause, pre/post surgery, pre/post cancer treatment, pre/post travel, and those who have experienced emotional/mental trauma. Services include:

  • Discounted Rate 15% and Budget Friendly Monthly Recurring Billing or
  • Discounted Rates 25% @ 6 months  or Discounted Rate 30% @ 12 month Prepay*
  • Priority Access: Call Backs, Scheduling, Supplements, and Labs
  • Regular/Flexible Scheduled Coaching Sessions
  • Access to a Library of Nutritional Protocols
  • Discounted Nutritional Supplements and Lab Services
  • Free Shipping on Nutritional Supplements

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Consultation Follow-up: $85 /0.5hr | $165/hr

These 30 or 60-minute consultation sessions include reviewing your existing nutritional and supplementation recommendations and progress reports to determine necessary changes based upon your body’s response to nutritional therapy and supplementation.  Use this service for evaluation of blood chemistry laboratory results, chiropractic assessments, and preemptive guidance for dental work, travel, and surgery.

Schedule Your Follow-Up Consultation!

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Laboratory Findings Review and Consultation $165/hr

Allow us to review your laboratory reports in the context of nutritional therapy and your foundations and schedule a meeting with you to discuss the results and interpretation.  Your laboratory results will be reviewed in advance of your consultation and then discussing the results with you generally requires about 30 minutes. Your consultation information from your laboratory results will be integrated into your nutritional and supplementation recommendations.  These consultations can be conveniently organized as a teleconference and web-based screenshare.

Schedule Your Review!

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Outside Services and Practitioner Integration $165/hr

We can support your relationships with other professional practitioners (e.g. midwife, chiropractor, medical doctor, dentist, psychiatrist).  We will attend a conference call with you and your professional practitioner to discuss integrating your nutritional therapy protocols.  HW will provide you a copy of your protocol, or fax or email, relevant information to your professional practitioner.

Start Collaborating Today!

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  1. Identify Imbalances
  2. Identify Deficiencies
  3. Remove Stressors
  4. Optimize Nutrition
  5. Supplemental Nutrients
  6. Determine Sufficiency
  7. Maintain Function

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  • Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Hydration
  • Detoxification
  • Vitamin / Mineral Balance

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Restoring System Function

  • Digestive
  • Detoxification
  • Endocrine
  • Cardiovascular
  • Immune
  • Repair